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Clear Coats / Varnish

CLEAR COAT 2K    |    2:1 Clear

High Solid Clear  AK255 + AK255 HD
Nano Untra Clear  AK628 + AK628 HD
High Solid Clear  AK629 + AK629 HD
Fast Dry Clear  AK625 + AK625 HD
Chroma High Solid Clear  AK1080 + AK1080 HD

Matt Finish  AK1075 + AK1075HD

CLEAR COAT 2K    |    4:1 Clear

Super Fast Clear  AK4010 + AK4010 HD

Medium Solid Clear  AK410  + AK401 HD

CLEAR COAT 1K    |    Clear

AK PU C1 (Glass Finish)

AK PU MC1 (Matt Finish)

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