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Master Tinter


The Pavilion Universal Refinish Mastertints is based on a unique, multi-function and universal system. Pavilion universal concentrated tints can be used in combination with a series of different types of binders to deliver all solvent base quality paints for most type of paint job requirements.

With only one single mixing machine for all solvent base quality paints, there will be more productivity and output, with a lesser cost and investment.

With our data banking of formulas, we can provide precise color matching solutions. It is an example of ultimate technology with simplicity. We continuously do research and development to constantly improve our products and come up with innovative products. Now you can have a greater range of finish options and colour capabilities from a smaller range of products.

The Pavilion Universal Refinish Mastertints system is supported by an extensive distribution network that provides technical, colour and sales support on request.

All Pavilion Universal Refinish Mastertints are cost effective and reasonably priced. We aim to produce more environment-friendly products. It is probably one of the most effective technologies available for today´s modern and progressive body shop.

Explore our list of options or download the Tinter Guide Preview:

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